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This page lists previous versions of Sourcetree available for download. Older versions may no longer be supported by Atlassian; please see our end-of-life policy for details.


Version Size Build Date Format
(Release notes) 78.1 MB 30-Jan-2019 ZIP
(Release notes) 77.7 MB 08-Nov-2018 ZIP
(Release notes) 77.6 MB 23-Oct-2018 ZIP
(Release notes) 67.7 MB 05-Jun-2018 ZIP
(Release notes) 64.2 MB 18-Apr-2018 ZIP
(Release notes) 64.2 MB 04-Apr-2018 ZIP
(Release notes) 62.7 MB 15-Feb-2018 ZIP
(Release notes) 59.6 MB 08-Jan-2018 ZIP
(Release notes) 59.4 MB 11-Sep-2017 ZIP
(Release notes) 58.9 MB 14-Jun-2017 ZIP
(Release notes) 55.4 MB 10-Feb-2017 ZIP
(Release notes) 54.8 MB 25-Oct-2016 ZIP
(Release notes) 50.4 MB 15-Dec-2015 DMG
(Release notes) 50.4 MB 30-Nov-2015 DMG
(Release notes) 34.3 MB 27-Aug-2014 DMG



Version Size Build Date Format
(Release notes) 24.8 MB 14-Dec-2018 EXE
(Release notes) 24.8 MB 4-Dec-2018 EXE
(Release notes) 23.3 MB 23-Oct-2018 EXE
(Release notes) 18.96 MB 04-Jul-2018 EXE
(Release notes) 18.97 MB 19-Jun-2018 EXE
(Release notes) 21.32 MB 16-Apr-2018 EXE
(Release notes) 20.37 MB 17-Jan-2018 EXE
(Release notes) 20.37 MB 22-Dec-2017 EXE
(Release notes) 20.06 MB 12-Oct-2017 EXE
(Release notes) 20.06 MB 11-Sep-2017 EXE
(Release notes) 18.46 MB 07-Sep-2017 EXE
(Release notes) 17.97 MB 11-Aug-2017 EXE
(Release notes) 17.97 MB 10-Aug-2017 EXE
(Release notes) 17.19 MB 05-Jun-2017 EXE
(Release notes) 17.1 MB 08-May-2017 EXE
(Release notes) 11.6 MB 03-Feb-2017 EXE
(Release notes) 17.8 MB 13-Jan-2017 EXE
(Release notes) 17.8 MB 14-Dec-2016 EXE
(Release notes) 17.8 MB 02-Dec-2016 EXE
(Release notes) 17.5 MB 15-Nov-2016 EXE
(Release notes) 13.5 MB 23-Mar-2016 EXE
(Release notes) 12.4 MB 14-Dec-2015 EXE
(Release notes) 12.1 MB 01-Dec-2015 EXE
(Release notes) 9.7 MB 16-Apr-2014 EXE
(Release notes) 9.5 MB 04-Feb-2014 EXE
(Release notes) 9.2 MB 10-Dec-2013 EXE
(Release notes) 9.1 MB 17-Oct-2013 EXE
(Release notes) 9.1 MB 02-Sep-2013 EXE
(Release notes) 9.1 MB 27-Jul-2013 EXE
(Release notes) 8.3 MB 25-Jun-2013 EXE


Enterprise for Windows

Version Size Build Date Format
(Release notes) 22.0 MB 14-Dec-2018 MSI
(Release notes) 21.7 MB 23-Oct-2018 MSI
(Release notes) 17.56 MB 04-Jul-2018 MSI
(Release notes) 19.45 MB 16-Apr-2018 MSI
(Release notes) 19.45 MB 16-Apr-2018 MSI


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